What Should I Post On LinkedIn For Real Estate

Feb 1, 2024

LinkedIn is a terrific platform to market your services as a real estate agent. Joining it could be the step you need to generate leads, connect with potential clients, and expand your network. But you might wonder, “What should I post on LinkedIn for real estate?” As a trusted title company in Alabama, Heights Title will show you what to post on LinkedIn.

What Should I Post On LinkedIn For Real Estate? 

We’ll include some tips to bolster your realtor business online by leveling up your LinkedIn profile.

Posting LinkedIn Stories 

LinkedIn focuses on anything related to business and employment. Still, like Facebook, TikTok, and other social sites, LinkedIn offers a feature that allows users to post daily stories. Stories are an excellent way to showcase your work and the services you provide. Yours can include relevant news and career milestones, like new listings, podcasts, or blogs. You can post behind-the-scene peaks to keep your followers updated. Or, share photos and videos of your property listings to reel in potential customers. LinkedIn Stories is a convenient way to engage your target audience. It can strengthen your professional connections and can help increase traffic on your real estate website.

Posting LinkedIn Feed

Aside from stories, uploading real estate content on your LinkedIn feed is another way to boost your presence on the platform. Unlike stories that vanish after 24 hours, your profile posts will stay and reach more people. Use LinkedIn’s feed to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. Make informative content for your audience to increase brand credibility and your chances of attracting clients. One excellent way to showcase your industry knowledge is by making videos explaining common questions in real estate. This type of content helps your audience and nurtures trust and loyalty. Share your skills and what makes your service worthwhile. It can be your efficiency in finding the best properties, budgeting, or deal-making skills—anything that makes your name stand out.

Here’s a tip:

Don’t forget to add keywords and hashtags to your LinkedIn feed posts. Integrating keywords can go a long way, as social sites usually rely on algorithms to decide which content to display.

Posting LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn has a communal publishing section for all its users. Like feed videos, this function can be a great way to distribute content relevant to real estate. Publishing and sharing articles on  LinkedIn strengthens your brand’s authenticity. It’s a chance to become a thought leader and develop a deeper relationship with your target audience. Articles are a powerful resource for your clients. You can share your take on recent industry news and market trends or write valuable tips for sellers and buyers. If you publish high-quality content, editorials can pick up your work and share your insights with a larger audience!

Tips for Effective LinkedIn Marketing

Your posts aren’t the only factors for effective LinkedIn marketing. Your profile, mobile-friendliness, and user engagement can all affect your success.

Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most crucial aspects you should focus on. Your profile is like your resume, so you should optimize it accordingly. Incorporate valuable keywords, thorough headline descriptions, and thoughtful formatting in your LinkedIn account. Use words like “home,” “realtor,” and your address to help people find you easily. Leverage each section of the profile, and LinkedIn will prioritize yours when someone searches for a real estate service.

Writing Mobile-Friendly Posts

LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than most social media platforms. However, it doesn’t mean you can use it aimlessly in your real estate strategy. Posting consistent, high-quality content matters. But keeping all your posts accessible and mobile-friendly is essential to reach more people. Avoid writing extremely long posts and articles to enhance your readability. Break your texts into shorter paragraphs and optimize your media to fit smaller screens.

Engaging with LinkedIn Users

One common mistake beginner realtors make is underusing LinkedIn. The platform is less crowded than other social sites, providing a healthy space for professional interactions. Don’t hesitate to post consistently. Posting more content means higher visibility on the website, which translates to greater exposure and more connections. Join LinkedIn groups and insert yourself in conversations and forums. Share your expertise by answering questions and providing recommendations to remain visible and position yourself as an authoritative figure. People often ask for recommendations for services in this context, clear-cutting your way to warm leads.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a robust tool for real estate agents. The platform can help market your services, grow your business, and generate abundant leads. Still, connections, referrals, and clients don’t appear without effort. So, you should work on your profile, optimize posts, and engage with other users. Contact us at Heights Title for all of your real estate services!

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