What Is The Best Marketing Plan For Real Estate Agents In Rural Areas?

Jun 1, 2023

What Is The Best Marketing Plan For Real Estate Agents In Rural Areas

With the rise of digital access in both the city and country, 97% of home buyers use the internet to aid them in searching for a new home. Rural areas are no exception. With most real estate agencies, big-name stores, and entertainment farther away, those living away from bigger cities rely on the internet for information. With a real estate company building out of site, online marketing is crucial for reaching them and retaining their interest. At Heights Title we have some tips for reaching these prospective clients.

What Is The Best Marketing Plan For Real Estate Agents In Rural Areas

To generate leads that are more likely to turn into clients, real estate agents in Alabama must have a solid and effective marketing plan. If implemented correctly, you will grow your reputation in a way that will increase your rate of finding quality leads. If people feel like they can trust you and your business, then not only are they going to come to you for their real estate needs but they will also recommend you to others.

A Cohesive Strategy

One of the best ways to ensure you are reaching your desired audience is to diversify your marketing plan. If you only rely on one form of contact, then you can miss out on some promising leads. By including a wide range of tools and tactics then you are way more likely to reach more people. The key is to make sure that all of these strategies are cohesive with each other. While messaging can be slightly different and more targeted, it still needs to be in line with your branding and reputation. Be intentional with each type of marketing and you’ll build an identity as a real estate agent in Alabama that stands out from the rest.

Social Media

As the number one high-quality lead-generating tool, a strong social media presence is crucial. The top three platforms for real estate agents in Alabama are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Take the time to build your profiles. Ensure that all fields are filled in correctly and include relevant information in the bios and about sections. This will make it easier for prospective clients to find you.

Staying active on your accounts will keep people engaged and you at the forefront of their minds. While these platforms are used to promote your business and generate leads, you don’t want to appear too focused on making a sale. Create helpful content, answer questions, create dialogue, and educate people on the confusing world of real estate. Post about closed deals as a sort of portfolio and testimonials to boost credibility. Refer them to your website to learn more and search for listings.

A Website

Build a website that is user-friendly and inviting to prospective clients. Without a website, your business will look unprofessional. It should be easy to use and optimized for user interface, user experience, and quick load speed. If the site is hard to navigate, then few people will go past the landing page. If the website is too slow to load, then each second spent loading decreases your conversion rate by up to 5%.

Most people come to your site to search for listings so make sure there is an obvious search function for this. Put it by a quick blurb that lets them know they can find what they are looking for by using you. As for content, tell them how they can benefit from your services and why you are the agent for them.
Invest in content creation or take the time to create content, such as blogs, that address client and prospective client concerns and offer solutions. This can include your expertise in the industry, renovation tips, and general home-owner content.

Social Ads

Figure out who your targeted audience is, and you can invest in social advertising campaigns on various social media platforms. Spending money on these ads makes sure that your business reaches the people you want it to reach. You can create ads on current listings, client reviews, your services, open houses, etc. Include a link to your website to generate more traffic that can convert into clients.

Email Marketing

Create an email list by having an opt-in form on your website and socials or bringing a sign-up sheet to open houses and events. This allows prospective clients that aren’t quite ready to start looking for a property to connect with you. They will be more likely to choose you when they are ready since they have been receiving newsletters, listing updates, and event notices through your email marketing.

Heights Title

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