Should Real Estate Agents Use Direct Mail Marketing

Aug 1, 2023

Should Real Estate Agents Use Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing is an important part of any industry, and for real estate agents in Alabama, it’s no different. It can be overwhelming to make a decision on what tactics are the best fit for you and your business. Between traditional media, digital media and social media, the landscape can get crowded very fast.

Direct mail has been a tactic used by real estate agents for a long time. A well-executed campaign can help generate leads and close deals. Keep reading to learn how to utilize direct mail in your real estate marketing campaigns.

Should Real Estate Agents Use Direct Mail Marketing

A direct mail campaign can be a way to generate leads for a relatively small investment. Sure, a fair amount of people who receive mailers throw them directly in the trash, but for a direct mail campaign to turn a ROI, only a small handful of people need to respond to your mailer and close a deal. A quick Internet search can find a plethora of companies promising postcards for as little as six cents. By getting 1,000 postcards for as little as $60, you’d only need one sale to gain an impressive ROI.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Direct mail is one of the oldest tricks in the real estate marketing book. It’s a tried-and-true method that reaches your target audience right where you want to reach them- at home. Direct mail offers you the opportunity to be as personal as you would like. It’s a proven method to generate brand awareness and leads.

Direct mail for real estate agents in Alabama also allows the opportunity to build trust and credibility in the chosen areas you’re sending the mail. It’s a tangible piece that is likely not ignored like a display ad or even an email could be. Consider adding direct mail to your marketing mix for quality leads- not the quantity of leads.

Targeting the Right Audience

Make your direct mail campaign more effective by targeting a neighborhood or area of town where there isn’t already an established neighborhood agent. Direct mail can create the hometown feel that sellers and buyers are looking for.

Another method with direct mail is utilizing your existing client list. Scrub the list for those who bought or sold several years ago. A postcard can remind them of your services and keep you top of mind for when they are ready to sell, or recommend you to a family member or friend.

If your budget allows, several companies online can build contact lists for you. You can enter an address and a certain radius around it, build a list based on a subdivision or neighborhood or build your own polygon on a map. In a few clicks, you’ll receive a complete mailing list for your campaign.

Considerations and Best Practices

When building a budget for a real estate direct mail campaign, be sure to factor in costs for printing, postage, envelopes and distribution lists. Small decisions like printing in color vs black and white can add up quickly, especially if the charge is per piece.

The design of your direct mail piece is important- you don’t want to waste valuable space on a small postcard with information that isn’t vital. It’s best practice with mail to have one clear message. Decide what this message should be based on your goals of the campaign- is it lead generation, general brand awareness or increasing attendance at an open house? Construct a clear message around what your outcome should be.

Keep in mind that it may take more than one direct mail campaign to start seeing results- consistency is key! This consistency can also help you build trust in your area.

Integration with Digital Marketing

A direct mail piece can get lost over time and even those with good intentions can misplace it. Consider integrating digital methods into your direct mail piece by calling out your website and social media channels. Providing a QR code for scanning is an easy way to link to all of your information and saving space on a small space. Try incorporating a special UTM code into the QR link so you can easily track website visits.

No one method of marketing will be a golden ticket for your real estate business. It’s finding the mix of traditional, digital and social media that will produce maximum results.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

One question you may have in choosing a direct mail campaign is how to measure and track effectiveness. One solution is to include a UTM Code with a scannable QR Code to track website visits. If the goal of your campaign is to increase visits to your next open house, a survey of those entering the open house can help you track if your mailer was effective.

If you’re operating with a limited budget for your direct mail campaign, consider saving a bit of money by printing on a postcard as opposed to a multi-sheet letter, printing in black and white as opposed to color or even sending as a lower-class letter with USPS. Keep your mailer to traditional sizes to avoid additional postage fees.

Alternatives to Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re not quite sold on direct mail, there are other ways to advertise in certain neighborhoods or ZIP codes. Social media campaigns, search campaigns and digital display campaigns for example all allow for very targeted ads to be served for not large budgets.

Tracking direct mail campaigns is not as easy as with a social media campaign, per se. But a trade off is not knowing exactly who your ads were served to. It can take some time and a few closings before you get a handle on which methods are working and how the ROI is shaping out.

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