Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents – Paid

Aug 16, 2023

Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Social media is often the first place people go when starting their search for most products. Whether they’re looking to learn more about the company, get more information on a specific product, or read reviews from recent customers, it’s important to have a presence in 2023. Real estate in Alabama is no different, and real estate agents should have a strategic approach to all platforms, including Facebook.

Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, used by over 2 billion people globally every day. It can be a very useful tool for real estate agents in Alabama, and it is completely free to get started. It’s important to note that all business management is dealt with by logging into your personal profile, so be sure to set that up first.

While it’s unlikely that 1 singular post will land a big sale, having a solid social media strategy, with a mix of organic (unpaid) posts and (paid) advertisements can help you build a clientele and present yourself as an expert in your area. In this article, we’ll discuss how paid advertisements can help real estate agents in Alabama.

Utilizing Facebook Advertising

Understanding Facebook advertising can be tricky, but Facebook offers tons of free courses and tutorials through Meta Blueprints to help you understand the landscape. After you’ve created your business page, you’ll want to add it to a Business Manager to help you organize your business and create an Ad Account. While you can certainly “boost a post” from your page and that is technically an ad, creating a campaign in Ads Manager adds advanced custom solutions. This can give you greater reach and targeting potential.

Ads Manager also has a robust reporting platform to allow you to analyze performance and see your campaigns all at a glance. Comparing metrics like click-through rates, impressions, and reach can help you see which objective, creative, or audience performed best.

Lead ads are an important tool in any real estate agent’s toolkit. Creating a lead-generating campaign allows Facebook to help find new prospects and send their contact information straight to your inbox, with the user never leaving the app.

Defining Your Target Audience

Data from Facebook tells us that 33% of millennials spend nearly 14 hours weekly on Facebook during their housing search. When creating content and targeting ads, you want to be sure you’re speaking to the right person. After a few posts to your page and page likes, you’ll be able to take advantage of Facebook’s page insights to learn more about the age, genders, and locations of your followers.

When creating targeted ads and marketing campaigns on Facebook, you’ll unlock targeting options to ensure your ads are getting in front of the right person. You can target specific cities, people with certain interests, and other behavioral targeting options. You can even perform A/B tests to see which audience performs best and use that to influence other marketing decisions.

Leveraging Facebook Groups and Communities

Groups on Facebook are “a place to connect, learn and share with people who have similar interests.” As a real estate agent in Alabama, you should consider joining several local groups on your page to learn what’s going on in the community and engage with potential clients. Facebook users often turn to groups to ask for recommendations, and real estate agents are no exception. Sometimes people will often post their interest or intent to sell their home, meaning you can be “in the know” of potential new properties for your buyers. By seeing which professionals others recommend and have had good experiences with, you can also build your network of contacts.

Measuring and Analyzing Results

Facebook pages will give you certain insights like your page’s reach and certain demographics of your followers. These insights can help you learn when the best day and time to post organic is, what kinds of posts garner the most engagement, and which may be best to boost and turn into an ad.

Ads Manager is the most robust of Facebook’s reporting tools. Ads Manager will show the results of targeted marketing campaigns, and you can get very detailed data breakdowns- showing the age, gender, location, and more of people who viewed your ads. As you’re getting started, it may be best to run A/B tests and test two different strategies or creatives to find the most effective.

With any marketing campaign, it’s important to set realistic goals. Digital marketing efforts are not akin to turning on a faucet, it will take several weeks or months for systems to optimize and have good learnings.

Heights Title is Your Partner in Real Estate

For real estate agents in Alabama, there are several options for a partner in the title industry. Heights Title brings their years of experience and personal dedication to every transaction. Whether you’re looking for a title search, a seller’s net sheet, or information on a refinance, we are standing by ready to assist. Contact us or visit our website today to get started.

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