If you’re a first-time home buyer, you may be caught off guard by the thorough closing process.

It’s an open secret that buying a home can be a complicated affair. It takes a lot of hands to make it happen, and though regulations are there to keep you safe, they’re also challenging to navigate. Ultimately, it’s worth the time and attention to get things right. 

Title Company in Helena, AL

Of course, no matter how diligent you are, if you’re not a real estate expert, you’ll need a lot of guidance from the professionals managing your transaction. One of those professionals (or team of professionals) will be your title company. A title company is responsible for conducting title searches – an investigative process that can save you from serious legal problems. At our title company in Helena, AL, Heights Title, we’ve built our reputation on quality work, and our services keep you legally and financially protected in your transaction.  

Title Company in Helena, AL

If you’re looking to buy, sell, refinance, or even purchase commercial real estate, Heights Title is the title company here to help. Let us be your Title Company in Helena, AL.

How to Choose a Title Company in Helena, AL

The home-buying process isn’t simple, but a competent team of professionals can go a long way to simplifying it for you. Take the first step in Helena, AL, by finding a quality real estate agent who can put you on track to assembling the rest of your team. A good local agent will know the area and have important contacts – they’ll likely be able to recommend a title company, home inspector, and closing attorney. Real estate agents don’t just know the local housing market. They know the local real estate industry as a whole. Use their connections to your advantage.

Our Process At Heights Title

With so many moving parts in the real estate market, it’s easy to confuse who does what job and why. To clarify, title companies like Heights Title perform title searches, provide title insurance policies, and handle transaction funds in escrow accounts.  

We undertake a title search by carefully scrutinizing government records of property ownership. The point here is to ensure everything is legitimate and there aren’t any nasty surprises lurking in the property’s past. Such nasty surprises might include: 

    • Unpaid liens 
    • Easement issues 
    • Any limitations on future development
    • Contested property ownership claims

If any of these issues are hiding in the documentation, you must know about them before you take ownership. 

We’ll also arrange for a survey of the property. The survey will ensure the boundaries and conditions of your property are as they’re presented. You don’t want to be cheated out of the margins of your property. 

After the title search and survey, you’ll be issued title insurance as a mortgage borrower. This policy will ensure that if something were neglected concerning the legal status of your property, you’d be protected financially and legally from the repercussions. We also issue title insurance to the lender, protecting their stake in the property for the loan repayment period.

Our Responsibility & Promise to You

For most people, buying a home is the most significant financial move in their lifetime. Selling a home is runner-up. Heights Title understands, and we’re here to help you. Whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing, or looking for commercial property, Heights Title in Helena, AL, has the guidance and expertise you need.

How Title Companies are Involved in Selling Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home in the Helena area, we can make selling manageable. But before you get invested in the transaction, let’s audit what you can do to prepare your home for sale. 

First, check your property for any forgotten or put-off repairs. Minor, inexpensive maintenance can make a massive difference in the value impression of your house. Then, tidy up around the house and collect your belongings. You want to give as neat a showing as possible. Finally, consider doing a deep cleaning of the house for the same reason. Get in those nooks and crannies. 

Once your property has been on the market and secured a buyer, they’ll instigate contact with the title company. As the seller, you’ll have fewer responsibilities in the transaction than the buyer, but there are expenses you need to be aware of. 

While your closing costs will likely be reduced from the home sale proceeds, it’s still a good idea to anticipate them financially. These costs include: 

    • Real Estate Fees
    • Tax Transfers
    • Home Warranty Fees
    • Termite Bond Fees
    • General “Seller Paid” Fees (as designated)
    • HOA Dues 

This is hardly an exhaustive list. Consult your closing agent for a full breakdown.

How Title Companies Are Involved in Buying A Home

So, you’ve found your home in Helena, Alabama, and are ready to proceed with the transaction. Here’s what we’ll do to help we’ll: 

    • Determine and address any issues that may prevent you from taking ownership
    • Provide title insurance policies for you and your lender
    • Handle closing, along with closing escrow accounts

We’re looking forward to serving you in the Helena area. We’ll take care of the details to get you into your new home.

Title Insurance and Refinancing

Maybe you’re neither buying nor selling your home in Helena. If you’re instead looking to refinance, you may have a separate question. 

If I’m refinancing, do I need a new title insurance policy? 

Well, yes and no. The title insurance policy for you as the homeowner will serve until you no longer own the home, so that you won’t need a new policy for yourself. But, the lender’s policy only persists as long as they have their particular stake in the home. You’ll need another lender’s policy if you refinance with new terms or another institution.

How Long Does the Title Process Take?

It’s only natural you’d want to get in your home as soon as possible, but it’s essential to do your due diligence at every stage of the home-buying process. For the title search, the age of the house will be the biggest decider in how long the search takes. A more extended ownership history means more records to investigate. Generally speaking, the full title search shouldn’t take longer than a couple of weeks.

Heights Title Reviews

At Heights Title, we work hard to provide our clients in Helena, Alabama, and elsewhere with our best service. We’re proud of our performance, and we’re proud to show off our client reviews.

“Heights Title is ALWAYS part of my A-team because they have a true servant’s heart and will do everything possible to avoid surprises for my clients and deliver things in an accurate and timely manner. I know my clients are in GREAT hands when I use Heights Title for title needs and Daniel Odrezin for the closing attorney. Thank you guys for being AMAZING!!!”

— Rachel Mooney

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This material is provided as a courtesy and for educational purposes only. Please consult your title professional for specific information regarding your situation.

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