The purchase of a home or other real estate may be the largest financial investment people ever make. Protecting that investment is our mission and Heights Title gives you added peace of mind in knowing that your title to your investment is insured. Our process involves a full search to determine rightful ownership of the property. A thorough examination of all documents filed of record will reveal any outstanding mortgages, liens, judgments, taxes, restrictions, easements, leases or other issues that might affect ownership. Title commitments are created to reflect these findings and direct real estate agents and settlement teams with clear direction of what is required to insure the property.


  • Preliminary search: provides an overview of the current ownership, tax status, liens, and judgments recorded. This tool is helpful for listing appointments and is complimentary to agents. 
  • 30 year search: This search and examination is required for all purchase and refinance transactions. A title commitment will be provided settings forth the requirements necessary to insure the property along with any exceptions that run with the land. 
  • Recorded documentation: We can provide copies of recorded covenants and restrictions, deeds, mortgages, liens, and more related to the property. 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Relocation
  • REO
  • New construction
  • Lender services


I absolutely love working with Heights Title! Their customer service, willingness to help, and timely response to important matters is impeccable. They go above and beyond to meet their clients needs and are excellent to work with! (Nicole H.)

A post-closing crisis was averted, when a client discovered that one of their parking spaces had been assigned to two different owners by the condo association. Heights Title went above and beyond by physically and extensively researching the courthouse records to help resolve the issue. In the process they discovered, that my client was owed a storage unit as well! Heights Title professionally and delicately educated the association and my client on the best way to resolve the problem. Their service and dedication to my client reflected positively on ARC Realty and myself and resulted in a happy client who is sure to recommend our family of services to others. (Ann M.)

"Donna and her team at Heights Title continue to serve as great partners for us throughout every step of a transaction. They are extremely effective at identifying potential red flags in preliminary title work, and have worked closely with us to develop solutions to complex title issues. In just the past two months the team at Heights through hard work and creativity have managed to save at least two transactions that were side tracked by unexpected problems with title, and they handle the less complicated files with ease and efficiency. In addition, they continue to provide the ARC team with invaluable information and resources to help us prepare to better serve all of our clients. While they provide excellent closing services as well, they have proven to work seamlessly with a wide array of closing attorneys throughout our market as well. I am confident that Heights Title will protect my clients interests, and I would certainly recommend them for all your title needs." (Daniel O.)